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All services
High end retouching
Retouch of amateur portrait
Wedding photo editing
Intense photo manipulations
Background changing
Funny gifts
Photo restoration services
Photo enhancement
Сolor correction
Clipping Path Services & Jewelry Retouching.
Are you sure that your good pictures, ad poster, or banner may be shot winningly enough to produce the required effect on your customers? Perhaps. However, to skim off the cream of your market, you must enhance or even rebuild raw images.

Product retouching and creative ad design allows polishing each square millimeter of your goods and enriches your consumers’ pictures. Product and ad retouching and design have much creative and technical implementation to reduce defects and to increase the attractiveness of your commercial photographs.
Clipping path service
Clipping path section is about varieties of photo cutting services: clipping path, image masking, photo cutout, or background removal. Clipping path services has many options – object on white background with or without shadow, object on transparent background, with raster mask, vector mask, with or without retouching and so on.

Retouche provides high quality and fast clipping path services of any kind and volume with reasonable pricing.

Jewelry retouching
When things come to the luxury jewelry, retouch and photo editing are the major sales drivers. Retouche studio specializes in the retouching of medium- and high-class jewelry for the manufacturers and resellers. Jewelry retouch requires lots of attention, experience and skill to have a vision of a product. It is performed by dedicated retouchers in our Boston studio.

Long-term cooperation with jewelry companies from all over the world with extremely diverse products makes it possible for us to provide the flawless retouch. Enjoy this section!

Product Retouching
Have you ever seen ideal looking models shining from the print? They are so alluring! With product retouching you have a better chance to stun your consumer by hiding defects, exposing winning details of your product, and increasing the overall sense of its quality.

This section is about increasing the attractiveness of products like clothing, real estate, devices, cars, accessories etc. Retouche is experienced with high end in-depth commercial retouching of industry quality for catalogues, prints, ad and Web.