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Portrait Retouching Services.
High end retouching Retouch of amateur portrait Wedding photo editing

Eventually everybody celebrates a wedding, and it is of utmost importance to keep the atmosphere of this wonderful event. Therefore, everybody wants to get the great photos and look flawless on them - these photos will be shown afterwards to all the closest to the heart. Marriage happens only once and you can't re-shoot it - so the photographer has the great responsibility.

Unfortunately, the shooting conditions are not always perfect, and the photographer's skill to retouch portraits and wedding photos might be insufficient. If it happens that you are unhappy with your wedding photos, which require the editing and retouching - then you need your wedding photos to be edited by the experts - professional studio Retouche.

The diversity of issues with wedding photos is amazing. However, most of them can be fixed by Photoshop editing. First of all, it is the retouch of the bride and groom: slimming unwanted body volume, skin smoothing, blemishes, redness and wrinkles removal, flyaway hair correction, under eye bags softening, teeth whitening, misfitting dress correction etc. Secondly, it is unnecessary background objects or people removal, combining of successful portraits. Thirdly, it is lack of sunshine, warmness or vibrance, over- or underexposure, noise adn color correction. Our retouchers' experience and accuracy makes it possible to fix all these issues and provide you with attractive and true to life photos, which originally were appropriate for trash bin only.

Wedding photo editing cost

Each photo session requires individual quotation. Request a quote to get Free Trial and your retoucher’s consultation in less than 24 hrs.

Average price for 20 photos is – $7-9 per photo.

Retouche provides significant amount discount and special rates for photographers.

We provide wedding photo editing services both to just married and photographers. Each photo session is unique in terms of its features and complexity, therefore we are able to give a quote only after reviewing your photos. Consultation and quotation are free. We also can provide a Free Trial.

We work on the batches of any volume and from any place of the world. We accept both amateur and professional photos - RAW files would be the best option. Result will be delivered as ready-for-print photos with all possible improvements without any visible trace of Photoshop. We edit photos until your complete satisfaction, making as many improvement and enhancement rounds as necessary. Your photos will remain private and will not be used without your consent.

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