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Clipping Path Services & Jewelry Retouching.
Clipping path service Jewelry retouching Product Retouching

Catchy commercial photos are the essence of advertising, the engine of business. Your customers must see your products to have the best advantage: undistorted, ideal, but true to life. Magnetic product photos in catalogue without professional retouching are unthinkable today in any industry segment. The key to selling photographs is attractiveness achieved with an insensible improving retouch, maintaining photo integrity and liveliness. Clothes, cars, devices, accessories, real estate, jewelry and other items with the best retouching have the best sells.

Retouche specializes in detailed photo retouch and photoshop post production. We have years of experience retouching commercial shots for ads, catalogues, and web. We correct shape, remove blinks, dust, unlikely details and defects, accentuate texture and materials, merge photos, or completely rebuild and redraw photos! This section is focused on product retouching and improving. You may also visit special sections for clipping path and jewelry retouching.

Accessories, devices, crockery etc.

Full package. Products of any shape and material, including glass and reflective surfaces. Clipping path, dust, scratches, blemishes removal, correction of blinks, shape and color. Improvement of clarity and attractiveness. Shadow adding.

Average price for 50 photos is – $5 per photo, depending on product features.

Special conditions on large batches and recurring orders. Send the request to get a quote, Free Trial and retoucher’s consultation in less than 24 hrs.

Clothes, fashion

Any fabric, fur, lace and wedding dresses. Clipping path, shape and color correction, dust removal etc. Retouching of standalone clothes and model photo sessions, including model retouching. Photo editing with ‘ghost mannequin’ effect, merge of front and neck parts of the clothes into one three-dimensional photo.

Average price for 50 photos is – $3 per photo (without model retouching).

Real estate retouching

Unnecessary objects removal, landscape and sky improvement, adding of overall attractiveness, correction of flaws and blemishes, alignment. Combining of several photos into one.

Each project is quoted individually. Send the request to get a quote and free consultation.

Car retouching

Alignment and improvement of all surfaces and blinks, adding clarity, individual color correction for various car parts of different materials of a car. Redraw of windows, shadow adding, background changing.

Starts at $49 per shot. Please, request a quote.

We work with companies' selling departments or directly with photographers. We edit photos of any quality - from homemade jpg to professional RAW files. We take the photo sessions of any volume. Our services include color correction, clipping path, raw conversion, following the style of provided reference photo. We can follow any requirements and reference photos. Result can be in any required format and size, with/without layers, with/without shadow etc.

Each project requires individual discussion and quotation. We are glad to discuss our potential cooperation, provide quote and samples following your request. Please, request a quote.

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