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Photo manipulation services
Intense photo manipulations Background changing Funny gifts

The goal of photo manipulation is to make a realistic image that is very different from any existing photo. Retouche provides digital photo montage services dealing with things such as people, objects, background changing and object transformation with professional quality.

What are the applications of photoshop manipulations? It is a way to enhance photos or to manipulate objects and facts to make images that cannot be created in real life. It allows us to change people's environments and locations, to add or remove objects, to enhance interiors and real estate, and even make new scenes without any traces of photoshop.

The key to a successful photomontage is detailed true-to-life realism achieved by an image manipulator. We always aim at totally imperceptible photoshop manipulation by doing either a simple face and background changing or complex environment and object modification. You will be surprised with the naturalness and overall quality of the image that can deceive even the eyes of a professional!

To achieve the required result we always do a close study of each case about the possibility to make a realistic look through photo manipulation. Nearly each task is attainable! So, please request a quote about your situation.

Simple photo manipulation

Face, dress, or background change, people eliminating, adding simple objects, etc. Mostly on amateur photographs.

from $15

Moderate montage

Photomontages for professional and commercial purposes. Complex merging of objects from some pictures, background changing, shadow adding, object completion, and so on.

from $45

Extra complex projects

Quoted hourly.


Gift and fun photomontage

Visit special section

   Sales for amount:
      -15% off over 1 outcome image in order
      -30% off over 4
      -45% off over 9

What is needed to make a photo montage, changing a background, or joining images? You have to request a quote attaching pictures to be modified or using attachment materials. Write as much details as possible about the main task and about the use of attached photo materials. Please, make a precise and minute description of your photo manipulation aim.

Please know the limits of photo manipulation. Sometimes, realistic images cannot be done because of quality, lighting, or angle discrepancies of pictures to be joined. We always advise you to upload good images.

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