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Clipping path service
Jewelry retouching
Product Retouching
Intense photo manipulations
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Portrait Retouching Services.
Agencies aren’t the only ones who require perfect skin, shining eyes, and an impressive body for their models’ photos. Everyone likes to see attractive portraits, especially of themselves! So, portrait editing services, has grown up as a professional instrument and become a common beauty saver for every one of us! Since portrait retouching has a wide range of consumers, we separated our portrait retouching services on complexity levels, answering to base private, advanced, and photographers’ needs. Here they are!
High end retouching
Compromises are unacceptable when you need pictures for a portfolio, ad, beauty print, or any other commercial and creative purpose. This category of portrait editing is about studio shots made in good conditions with a professional camera.

Beauty retouching allows getting stylish, quality photographs with smooth, lifelike skin, an ideal body, and modified background. We apply our most intensive, but quality saving techniques of portrait editing. All modern tendencies of style, fashion, and photo design are available for you with Retouche.

Retouch of amateur portrait
In this section you can learn in which ways amateur portraits from parties, holidays, or travel may be enhanced. We don’t stop on face, body, and blurless skin retouch, you may ask for any clothes or background manipulations, cropping, color balance, contrast enhancing and so on.

We take any pictures taken by any digital camera in any condition, from teens, men, and women without any race, age, or figure limitations. Please note, if you have studio shots and want to pursue serious objects, you should follow the Beauty Retouching section

Wedding photo editing
The simple question: are you happy with your wedding photographer and the photos (s)he made? If your answer is ‘No!' then only professional retouch will help. It’s well-known that professional photographers really love to make photos, but they avoid spending time on editing. It is often the case when they just have no such skills. Poor shots from your special day can shine again if you involve the professionals to edit your photos.

In Retouche studio we know which photo issues are common to annoy the just married, and we are ready to resolve them! Trust our experience, and welcome to the wedding photo editing section.