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Photo Restoration Services
Photo restoration services Photo enhancement –°olor correction

Damaged photographs are a trouble for everyone who cares about pleasant family memories. Professional old photo restoration presents them with a new long life to rejoice in your heart! Retouche provides photo restoration and coloring services with the fine craftsmanship and assiduity of our retouchers. The mission of our photo restoring service is to bring professional and solicitous quality and meaning to the image.

Old photo restoration in photoshop allows you to restore and clean everything that prevents the photograph from looking polished, fresh, and sharp. Digital restoring and old photo retouching makes it possible to remove stains, scratches, unlikely grain ruptures, and fog without traces. We are able to draw and restore lost pieces of photograph and overcome influences of light which are destructive to color prints.

Realistic photo coloring (colorization) of black and white images is another way of photo renewal and memory refreshing. If you want to plunge into the days gone by, you can choose delicate digital photo coloring with Retouche.

Easy photo restoration

Minor stains, dust, scratches, cracks, creases, and tear cleaning. Restore slight photo fading or discoloration


Medium photo restoring

Moderate dirt and damages cleaning, repair small missing parts, moderate color correction.



Restoration of big missing parts, face, complex manipulations with people or background, severe fog, unsharping, and discoloring restore.


Photo coloring service

Price depends on number of people, detailing, and background complexity.


   Sales for amount:
      -4% off over 1 photo in order
      -6% off over 3
      -8% off over 6
      -10% off over 11

We work only with scans of old photos. The quality of home scanners is enough for digital restoring. Follow these tips for high-quality scans:
   -clean the photograph surface before scanning
   -scan in RGB color even if it is black and white
   -use 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution setting
   -TIFF file format is preferred


Retouche always attentively considers the possibility to restore photos satisfactorily. We always let you know beforehand if the photo restoring cannot grant perfect quality, and you have to understand and accept or reject these limitations of the old photo restoration service before we start the order.

Low detailing and absence of legibility of faces (for example) can be improved by our retouchers drawing and with their artistic vision of appearances of people in portrait.

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