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Photo manipulation services
Intense photo manipulations Background changing Funny gifts

Digital photo collages are a great custom-made photo gift! You can make your relative, friend, or colleague into the super hero of a lifelike famous painting, photograph, or funny picture! Photo collage gifts include a hero's face transferred from a photo to an oil painting, idol's photo, or another fun or custom image.

The cherry on top is that it's a highly personalized photo gift. Retouche offers creative digital photo collages in a whole gamut of meanings and styles: oil and digital paintings, movie screenshots, photographs, fun images, cartoons etc. By delivering impressive photo collage gifts to you, we achieve your central aim: to get a maximally stunning present.

Based on your ideas and hero's character, profession, or hobbies description, we will provide you with some selected backgrounds for face montages. After your decision, we strive to finalize the gift in a way that the new face is manipulated to look like the original, integral part of collage. With excellence, we give satisfaction to your hero and you!

Photo collage gift

Face changing on the photograph, without cartoon, oil, pop-art, or other styling of hero's face.

$20 extra face

Oil paint, cartoon, pin-up, pop-art etc.

Face insertion into images that are not just realistic photos.

$40 extra face

   Sales for amount:
      -15% off over 1 outcome image in order
      -30% off over 4
      -45% off over 9

Please request quote with your ideas, hero's description, and some of his headshot photos to get a definitive quote and out propositions!

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