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Photo manipulation services
Intense photo manipulations Background changing Funny gifts
Realistic photoshop changing of a photo background allows you to dream up and realize new situations, conditions, and atmospheres of the image! And to get a lifelike image, it is especially important to make this manipulation accurate, with no traces of photoshop.

You may need to change image backgrounds in many cases of your everyday or professional life. Most of the impressive beauty in ad photos are produced by shooting objects or people with homogeneous backgrounds. And then laborious image background changing begins.

The same method is used to make amateur photos amazing and to change the meaning of the photo or produce new images of nonexistent events (travels, for example). And again high requirements must be met to achieve really natural and unquestionable results. Retouche knows how to make the eye believe in modified images.

Having universal skills and critical views on photographs, we offer much more than simple cut and paste. We take into account and adapt everything: reflections, angles, treatment of light and shade, photo noise or grain structure, and many other noticeable and unnoticeable categories. The main goal of our manipulations is to make your photograph indistinguishable from the natural.

Simple cases

Objects with no transparent parts and people with no disheveled hair. Simple shadow drawing and no relightening.


Moderate change of a background

High resolution studio shots. Disheveled hair, transparent parts of objects, complex light and shadow redrawing, and geometry manipulations.


Custom-made projects

Quoted hourly.


   Sales for amount:
      -15% off over 3 photos in order
      -25% off over 7
      -35% off over 15
      -50% off over 40

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