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Clipping Path Services & Jewelry Retouching.
Clipping path service Jewelry retouching Product Retouching

A clipping path service is a process of removing a background from an image. Our clipping path services are based on three principles: great skills, productivity, and fair prices. We provide accurate photo cutting of simple and complex objects such as transparent items, delicate items with furry or thin borders, hair, etc. A clipping path service is a manual job; only handmade background removal delivers pleasant results. Retouche offers all techniques of photo cutting: using pen tool, manual quick mask drawing, etc.

Our clipping path service doesn't limit you on image resolution, background texture and color, image format, file amount, and so on. We also have a very comfortable interface to upload and control our work. Background removal may be connected with object retouching, color correction, and pre press services - Retouche is a full-blown photoshop studio. We provide all kinds of additional editing parallel to clipping path: resizing, shape correction, shadow drawing or natural shadow saving, color correction or retouching.

Retouche guarantees the quality of the final images. We don't use outsourcing, your files never leaves US territory during the work.

Base clipping path

Pen tool background removal around objects with good contrast and not complicated shape. Color correction and RAW conversion are not included.

Average price for 100 photos is – $1-1.5 per photo.

Special rates for large batches and recurring orders. Request a quote to get Free Trial and retoucher’s consultation in less than 2 hrs.

Advanced service

Full package. PEN TOOL clipping path. Objects with complicated shape, fur, hair, transparent or low contrast items, not even (gray srudio) background. Shadow or reflection adding. Service can include any additional editings such as color correction, RAW conversion, retouching, etc.

Average price for 100 photos (without retouching) is – $3 per photo. Each project is quoted individually. Please, request a quote.

We work directly with photographers or with companies' selling department. We edit photos of any quality - from homemade jpg to professional RAW files. We take the photo sessions of any volume. Our comopany's clipping path service can include color correction, raw conversion, following the style of provided reference photo. We can follow any requirements and reference photos. Result can be in any required format and size, with/without layers, with/without shadow etc.

Each project requires individual discussion and quotation. We are happy to review your request, provide quote and samples following your request. Please, request a quote.

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