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Clipping Path Services & Jewelry Retouching.
Clipping path service Jewelry retouching Product Retouching

Winning photos of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unthinkable today without jewelry retouching service. When you deal with jewelry (especially with the gems), the professional retouching is crucial for the high sales in our era of online stores with photo catalogs. Our jewelry photo editing services focus not only on high-end segment of major manufacturers or resellers, demanding the highest attention to details for their catalogs, constant and ultimate quality, but also on beginning designers, enhancing their non-professional photos.

We provide jewelry photo retouching services for the products of any complexity and made of any materials: from precious metals to costume jewelry, with and without gemstones. Jewelry photos require intense Photoshop manipulations: blemishes removal, color correction, re-drawing of important parts, blinks and reflections, making the images more acute, and, of course, working with gems. Gems might be left unprocessed if it is necessary to keep their natural features or they might be deeply enhanced up to full replacement (e.g. if there are lots of small gems on one product). If ring mounting is not in the focus or is hidden by a glue, it is being drawn or replaced. Our retouch experience in this industry makes it possible to edit the same photo differently and in various styles. Thus we can adjust our jewelry retouch to the same style as existing photos in your catalog, or by our own discretion in case if there is no reference shot.

High-end jewelry retouching

Full package. Blemishes removal, blinks and reflections correction, improvement of highlights and shades, gems editing. Ring mounting redraw. Merging of several photos into one. Editing following your reference photo.

Each project is quoted individually. Request a quote to get Free Trial and retoucher’s consultation in less than 24 hrs.

Average price for 10 photos (rings with gems) is – $8-10 per photo. Special conditions on large batches and recurring orders.

Costume jewelry

Photo quality enhancement to add wow-effect. Blemishes removal. Clarity improvement, sharpening, color correction and other necessary corrections to make shot look attractive and professional. Clipping path and Web optimization.

Average price for 100 photos is – $3-4 per photo. Special rates for long-term cooperation.

We take projects of any size, photos of any formats and quality - from amateur jpg to studio RAW files. We compose one acute photo from several ones with focal point bracketing. Jewelry retouching includes background clipping path. Result can be in any required format and size, with/without layers, with/without shadow etc.

Each project requires individual approach and quotation. We are glad to discuss all details of cooperation, provide a Free Trial and quote on your request. Clipping path and other products retouching services are represented in other sections of our site.

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