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Retouche gives additional savings from original estimation if:

   - amount of photos in the order is enough to get amount discount.

   - you have patron discount within Loyalty Discount Program.

Amount Discount depends on amount of priced photos in the estimate and is up to 50%. The more photos there are in the order - the more your discount is! Sum of amount discount and required amount of photos for it differ according to type of editing (for example, it is different for skin retouche, clipping path and photo restoration). You can find discount table on the page of every service. This Discount depends on amount of priced photos, which are ready to be sent to editing right now.

According to Loyalty Program you get personal Patrons Discount if sum of your orders exceeds $300. It applies to all new orders. It is up to 40% and is summarized with Amount Discount.

If you are going to place bulk order, please contact us

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